MR Series Static Mixers

Sulzer Mixpac manufactures the STATOMIX® MR series static mixers designed for use with Meter Mix and Dispense Equipment. The MR static mixer provides an inexpensive solution for the dynamic mixing of low viscosity, 2-component adhesives. In dynamic mixing, unlike that of motionless mixing, the elements within the mixer rotate. This makes the MR Series ideally suited for hard-to-mix foams and urethane elastomers. Its low cost allows the entire static mixer to be discarded, eliminating costly cleaning procedures associated with dynamic mixing.

STATOMIX® MR Series static mixers are designed with a modifiable stepped end which allows for increased outlet diameters.

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  1. MSR 13-12T Static Mixer
    MSR 13-12T Static Mixer
    Length: 197mm
    As low as $1.60
  2. MSR 10-12T Static Mixer
    MSR 10-12T Static Mixer
    Length: 155mm
    As low as $1.49
  3. MSR 08-12T Static Mixer
    MSR 08-12T Static Mixer
    Length: 130mm
    As low as $1.14
  4. MSR 06-12T Static Mixer
    MSR 06-12T Static Mixer
    Length: 111mm
    As low as $1.00
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