ME Series Static Mixers

Sulzer Mixpac manufactures the STATOMIX® ME series static mixers. When used with Meter Mix Equipment they provide a low cost solution for 2-component mixing. The mixer element is molded of polyacetal to withstand the higher pressures of meter mix machines.

STATOMIX® ME static mixers are suitable for all types of Meter Mix and Dispensing systems. Check with our sales department for the correct static mixer for your equipment.

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  1. ME 13-32T-02 Static Mixer
    ME 13-32T-02 Static Mixer
    Length: 451mm
    Content Volume: 34.5ml
    As low as $3.52
  2. ME 13-32T Static Mixer
    ME 13-32T Static Mixer
    Length: 379mm
    Content Volume: 34.5ml
    As low as $3.21
  3. ME 13-24T-02 Static Mixer
    ME 13-24T-02 Static Mixer
    Length: 350mm
    Content Volume: 27ml
    As low as $2.96
  4. ME 13-24T Static Mixer
    ME 13-24T Static Mixer
    Length: 293mm
    Content Volume: 27ml
    As low as $2.55
  5. ME 1312-1032T Static Mixer
    ME 1312-1032T Static Mixer
    Length: 37.5mm
    Content Volume: 37.5ml
    As low as $4.31
  6. ME 10-32T Static Mixer
    ME 10-32T Static Mixer
    Length: 352mm
    Content Volume: 23ml
    As low as $1.83
  7. ME 10-24T Static Mixer
    ME 10-24T Static Mixer
    Length: 276mm
    Content Volume: 16ml
    As low as $1.48
  8. ME 1012-0832T Static Mixer
    ME 1012-0832T Static Mixer
    Length: 409mm
    Content Volume: 19ml
    As low as $3.78
  9. ME 08-32T Static Mixer
    ME 08-32T Static Mixer
    Length: 287mm
    Content Volume: 11.5ml
    As low as $1.74
  10. ME 08-24T Static Mixer
    ME 08-24T Static Mixer
    Length: 223mm
    Content Volume: 8.5ml
    As low as $1.46
  11. ME 06-48T Static Mixer
    ME 06-48T Static Mixer
    Length: 334mm
    Content Volume: 10ml
    As low as $3.34
  12. ME 06-32T Static Mixer
    ME 06-32T Static Mixer
    Length: 234mm
    Content Volume: 6.6ml
    As low as $1.47
  13. ME 06-24T Static Mixer
    ME 06-24T Static Mixer
    Length: 185mm
    Content Volume: 4.2ml
    As low as $1.27
  14. ME 05-32T Static Mixer
    ME 05-32T Static Mixer
    Length: 188mm
    Content Volume: 2.8ml
    As low as $1.24
  15. ME 05-24T Static Mixer
    ME 05-24T Static Mixer
    Length: 149mm
    Content Volume: 2.3ml
    As low as $1.12
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