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AP Plastics, LLC is a distributor of static mixers, cartridges, dispensing guns, syringes and other adhesive dispensing accessories and epoxy supplies. These products are utilized in demanding assembly operations to conveniently and accurately apply epoxies, urethanes, acrylics and silicones.

AP Plastics, LLC proudly distributes the MIXPAC, STATOMIX, QUADRO, SULZER and ConProtec brand of products. These adhesive bonding and adhesive mixing products are used in the aerospace, automotive, electronic, industrial, medical and solid surface markets.

An AP Plastics, LLC Customer Service Representative is able to assist you with your adhesive, potting compound, encapsulate or coating dispensing application. Please call or email for assistance.

New Products

MK Manual Dispensers

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  • Centered handle offers stability for precise working
  • Anti-Drip and trigger integrated brake release
  • Long lasting and reliable

Available in the following sizes and ratios: 50ml 1:1/2:1, 200ml 1:1/2:1, 200ml 4:1/10:1, 400ml 1:1, 400ml 2:1, 400ml 4:1, 400ml 10:1.

Photo courtesy of Sulzer Mixpac USA

MK 50ml Pneumatic Dispenser

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  • Suitable for low to medium viscosity materials
  • Works with 2 component cartridge
  • Quick cartridge exchange
  • One hand pressure adjustment
  • Simple dispensing speed adjustment

Available in A system (1:1/ 2:1/ 4:1/ 10:1) B system (1:1/ 2:1/ 3:2) and S system (10:1)

Photo courtesy of Sulzer Mixpac USA

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